Community Management

Keep in touch,
be lovable,
stay relevant

We handle your social media presence, so that you can keep on doing what made you successful!


Community Management

Community Management is in our DNA and that simply means that the more communities we handle the merrier!

We are adept at managing the online presence of our customers and fans are expecting to be able to get in touch with your brand in whatever way is convenient to them!

Are you still searching for a passionate team of experts to be the voice of your brand in the digital landscape?

Is it essential for your company to build authentic relationships with your audiences?

Is it extremely important to show your brand’s human face to your communities and respond on the spot?
We got you covered!

We are in love with brands we work for.

We are here to act as your brand protectors managing actively your communities via monitoring, supervising and… if necessary, engaging with any potential mentions related to your brand anytime.

Yes, that’s true! We remain watchful 24/7 and we do not lose any opportunity to engage with our communities as much as possible!

Our vast experience across diverse online media channels in combination with our passion to keep up with the latest industry trends and updates made to the platforms, gives us a head-start from the competition.

Check out the list with the online media channels that we are covering:


    News sites

Content creation

Let’s create something beautiful. Together!

We offer intuitive, high-quality, authentic content in any form and size. Whitepapers, articles, blogs, infographics, surveys, all included.


Content creation

You need it. It’s the cornerstone of your communication. However there’s a huge… catch. The guys that know the details are too busy to write about them, and the ones that can write, don’t know the details! Well, you’re not alone. That’s the global problem of producing high quality content.

Have no fear though! Our expert team of copywriters and content creators are here to take your brand to the next level! We take your philosophy – the essence of your brand – and we transform it into flawless content for any digital channel.

Whether you are a B2B, a B2C or a B2B2C company, we are here to help you thrive in the always on, hyper-connected digital world, creating and delivering our content where your target audiences are active!

Just let us know:

  • Do you want people to become aware of your products or services?
  • Do you wish them to start engaging with your brand?
  • Do you want to drive sales and turn them into loyal customers?

These are our objectives and we work hard in order to meet them! That’s why we focus on creating authentic, relevant and consistent content in a variety of formats (such as video, articles, social media posts etc.) which can be optimized for your own customer’s journey.

Our strategic content marketing approach encompass thorough research, strategic planning, meticulous and consistent execution and of course… we are always ready for any potential turbulence!

Wondering what type of content can we deliver? Check the list below:

    Case studies
    Mini case studies
    Landing pages

    Social media posts
    3D Visual content
    Lead Magnets
    GIFs and Memes
    Free apps
    User-generated content
    How-to Guides
    Influencers/Paid Ad Content

Digital Marketing

We put our
money, where our
mouth is!

We promise unprecedented results in our digital campaigns. Best CPC, best CTR, best Leads. And we're willing to bet on it.


Digital Marketing

RESULTS. That’s what you came here for, isn’t it? That’s what you get and, we’re ready to bet our money on it.

How we do that? We check EVERYTHING. Before we start a new campaign, we follow the whole funnel and make sure everything works perfectly.

Our digital marketing services go far deeper than just running the ads. We constantly strive for top results. And this pursuit has made us go into every process that you can imagine as part of Digital Marketing. Starting from ads design, to landing page creation, ad video production, email automation or anything you can think of.

Our experts’ team is also monitoring all campaigns 24/7. Monitoring and optimizing runs “in our blood” and, with all media constantly evolving, we always stay one step ahead, finding out about new features before they happen and adopting them for our customers as soon as they are released.

Need SalesForce or Marketo integration? Done. Need a digital campaign on VKontakte? That’s easy. Want to try programmatic ads? We help you decide what’s best suited for your brand or promo.

By the way, we said results, but what type of results do you need? We can cover all of your needs. For example:

We’re talking MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads), not just any lead.

Not just any traffic. Traffic derived from specialized and “laser-targeted” audiences. That’s where our industry specific audiences and targeting techniques shine, built over the years, through thousands of campaigns.

Brand Awareness
You need high-quality content in order to inform and convince your audience about your brand. You also need to maximize exposure. Don’t sweat! That’s exactly our thing.

We don’t just increase numbers (of Likes or Followers) but we are always on the lookout, for actual users that care for your brand and love your content.

Of course, we can’t mention conversions without mentioning remarketing, can we? We outperform anyone on retargeting because we make sure to track all users during every step of their journey and retarget them across different media. It’s part of our expertise.

Guess finally you need to check a list of the digital media we handle in advertising, don’t you? Here it is:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Google Search
  • Google Display
  • Google Video
    (or simply YouTube)
  • DoubleClick
  • VKontakte
  • Seznam
  • Yandex
  • Bing

Got a new one? Just say the word!

Video Services

Move that image now! And keep on moving it.

We create astonishing videos in all forms. Animated, B-rolls, ad videos, bumper videos, case study videos. You'll love them!


Video Services

When a client asks us to make a video for them, they see from the very beginning our different approach on the matter. Why? Because we ALWAYS ask: “What are you going to do with this video?”

Our goal is not just MAKE videos. It’s creating art in motion. Video is the hottest type of content, on all platforms, and we put serious effort and attention to our productions. Got a script that you need be made into a video? We can do that. Don’t have a script? Then leave everything to us.

We can do any and all kinds of video productions you might need, like:

Video Ads

It’s not only about making artful videos, it’s about making video content that converts. That’s why we will always ask you on which platform you’ll use the video, so that we produce the perfect content you need, considering all media limitations.


Our expert team are not only skillful in creating animations, they’re also inventive and art lovers. That’s why we never stop creating new art styles and material for every client, and for the same reason we can create animations for any kind of script.


Corporate videos are an important part of a company’s identity. Our videos will help you bring out all those unique characteristics on which you’ve built your success, in a top-quality, and elegant way.

Case Studies

 Scripting a case study might be hard for someone else, but not for us. We are the true content lovers and we will make sure to bring out, in scripting and shooting, the correct elements, that prove that you are the best in what you do.